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Bollywood Spells Dhoom for South Africa

Alert! Parts of Dhoom 2, the sequel to the popular Bolllywood flick Dhoom, are to be shot in South Africa later this month. This means Indian silver screen goddess Aishwarya Rai will be waltzing around the country, pretending to belt out a series of new hits.

Bollywood, for those who don’t know, is the world’s largest film industry, based in Mumbai, India, and hell-bent on creating the longest, loudest, singin’est and dancin’est movies known to mankind. Many Bollywood features reach the four hour mark with enthusiasm and pep to spare. They’re mostly musicals; the songs are always lip synch jobs, mouthed by the stars but recorded by specialist “playback singers” back in Mumbai.

The word “dhoom” (pronounced like “doom”, but with greater emphasis on the “d”), means “rhythm” or “beat” in Hindi and Gujerati. Dhoom 2 will likely beat its rhythm into you, if you chance to spend a half hour in the filming’s vicinity.