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Cape Town Welcomes Sean Keener, Again!

Sean Keener has touched down safe’n’sound, after his misadventure with the overfull passport. On behalf of all Capetonians, SA Blog extends a warm welcome back! (See our category, Sean in South Africa in 2003, to read about his last trip here.)

As those who know him will attest, Sean gets going quickly. Last night he could be seen at the swish La Perla restaurant in Sea Point, dining alongside former Attorney General of the Western Cape Frank Kahn. He was also dining alongside Court and Your Correspondent (and YC’s lovely assistant), one of whom might write about the restaurant in the near future, though none of us kept notes.

Now Sean’s here, I think we can drop the “Beta Post” qualification from these entries. So – Welcome to SA Blog Alpha! We promise new features each day. Today, for instance, we have introduced tags for each blog.

Read more about and from Sean at his personal blog.