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Catch Ghana vs. Brazil Live!

Did you know? Brazil have never lost a match against an African side at the World Cup – in fact, our continent has never even collectively scored a single goal against the mighty champions, in four previous encounters.

That sterling Brazilian record’s set for some tarnish this afternoon in Dortmund, however, where the Black Stars of Ghana are the favorites to win the next Round of 16 match by several goals.

OK, so that second sentence was filed from Cloud Cuckoo Land – but it’s also true that if you believe something with enough heart, it can sometimes magically come true, right? The several hundred million hearts of Africa believe in you, Ghana – now deliver!

Big-hearted belief notwithstanding, my bean-counting brain tells me I might be typing this next phrase for the last time, so I’ll make it extra pretty:

Goooooo Blaaaack Starszzzzzzzz!