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Crime Site Makes Everyone Go “Eeek”

SA Logue feels obliged to note the fact that, on the day of Germany’s World Cup handover to South Africa, the pressure on crackpots to cash in on 2010 is becoming almost unbearable, and many are starting to succumb.

They’re also unbearable, unfortunately – the crackpots, I mean. Consider the case of one Neil Watson. He has decided to grace our local blogosphere with the equivalent of a celebrity website for criminal acts. In what amounts to electronic vigilantism, he has made it his purpose in life to ambush the 2010 organizing team, the SA government, and fairly well anyone else who dares to consider South Africa in a positive light.

Watson’s move would actually be welcomed if his site contained cautionary advice – for let’s not kid ourselves, South Africa is plagued by high levels of crime. It’s equally true, however, that by taking the normal, sensible precautions one would take anywhere while on holiday, tourists can have a wonderful visit here, and return home much enriched. But Watson’s blog is pure, lurid gore – yellow in every respect – whose only purposes are fearmongering and discouragement. (Not to forget profiteering – he accepts ads on his blog.)

Compare it to, say,, which also targets a soft spot in the SA psyche – our telephone monopoly, Telkom. Apart from being much better designed, and much less monomaniacal, Hellkom also provides constructive tips on how to avoid Telkom’s clutches. It’s a great blog, which considers the full picture while taking the requisite potshots.

SA Logue is a reluctant linker in this case, but here’s where you can find out more on Watson’s folly (including a recklessly legitimizing piece from Reuters, of all news services). The third link is to his blog: