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Eskom’s “Scheduled” Power cuts last night, more to come.

According to capetalk radio last nights power cut (right in the middle of my evenings writing!), was scheduled and we were all told about it……. Not me!

Apparently more of these power cuts are due so the Homer Simpson’s over at Eskom to try and figure out how the “big glowy thing” works. I think we need to send our nuclear scientists over to Iran to “help” with uranium production and kill 2 birds with one stone.

Please Eskom, can you wait until after my writing has been saved?, or I am going to remove all my energy saving light bulbs, and then we’ll see who’s sorry.

2010 World cup final: South Africa Vs Guam 85,minutes played, score 5 . 5: oops powers out, sorry it’s a draw, thanks for coming.