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Freedom Day 27th April: looong weekend of rain apparently.

This time of year FULL of public holidays in South Africa, nearly every week it seems. People take full advantage if it and take further days off to stretch those already long weekends into a month where not much gets done at all.

Today is Freedom day, when we (and a few other) countries celebrate our first fully democratic elections.

We started the day with a freedom day power outage, that started from 01:00am last night, until about 14:00pm today. luckily I installed gas a while ago, so we could have a fabulous-freedom-day-fry-up, which I hope will catch on. No-one can tell me this was a planned outage, because it wasn’t. Apparently it was also not an unplanned outage according to the recorded message at Eskom.

Maybe the nuclear Simspons scientists, could shovel some more uranium instead of creating clever paradox’s.

Many people are on the roads now travelling to guest houses and resorts all over the country, unfortunately it is raining cats and dogs. The first cold front of the winter has hit and reminds you that it can indeed rain upwards. Every year you forget how hard it can rain and them woomph, down it comes and it can drench you in seconds. Travellers bring a raincoat and snorkel if you’re arriving soon.