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Friendly, Familiar Face for World Cup Purring, Demurring

Tumi Makgabo has been appointed the spokesperson for the 2010 World Cup’s Local Organizing Committee (LOC) – and you know her, I can practically guarantee it, even if you think I’m mad, mad, mad for saying so.

What spurs my confidence to such dizzy heights? The fact that Tumi was a CNN anchorwoman for so many years. If you’re a channel surfer, or have been in an airport, you’ve seen her, heard her, been spoonfed information by her. The key to success as a CNN anchorwoman – and Tumi nailed this, right off the bat – is to appear unflappable but startled at the same time, during every second of your broadcast. This talent will doubtless now be deployed against the barrage of cynicism and outrage that Tumi will face, mustered by World Cup pessimists who are scurrying around, founding secret societies, etc.

Burning question: How do you pronounce Tumi’s name? Burning answer: DOO-mee mah-KHA-boh, with the “KH” like the “ch” in the Scottish “loch”.

SA Blog wishes Tumi luck in her quest to communicate the LOC’s great strides forward! There have been great strides forward, haven’t there? Tumi? Tumi?!!