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Green Point it Is! (If We Can Find the Cash!)

Cape Town’s Atlantic Seabord suburb of Green Point has been confirmed as the best spot for a 70,000-seat mega-stadium, which the city needs to build if it wishes to have any hope of hosting a semifinal match during the 2010 World Cup. The 9-hole Metropolitan Golf Course will not, however, have to make way when construction gets started. The city will instead build the new stadium on the site of the existing one – or may do, rather, if it can sort out the small matter of a R3-billion-and-change funding shortfall.

The stadium will cost around R4-billion, according to the latest estimates, and the city can only pony up about an eighth of this amount – meaning corporates and other levels of government will have to make up the shortfall. It remains to be seen whether any combination of budgets will do the trick. In various collectives, we hold our breaths.