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Heading Our Way: World Cup Ticket Madness

If, like Lara, you belong to the “early bird gets the Category 1 World Cup tickets” school of thought, then start enrolling for your advanced degrees in logic and computer science now. By the time 2010 rolls around, you will be able to put your new skills to work gaining command of the labrynthine World Cup ticketing system, and will have a distinct advantage over the rest of us.

Or, you could simply start saving up – because, to go by what the experts at WorldCupBlog have to say, buying from ticket scalpers will be the simplest sure-fire way to guarantee a seat.

Meanwhile, for a peek at how the official ticketing process is likely to look – which invovles a lottery, in which households can win the right to buy up to four tickets each (for the match or matches they’ve prioritized) – check out the semi-bewildering Yahoo! Fifa World Cup 2006 Ticketing Overview. The best conclusion one can glean from the verbiage on that page is that you should start to live apart from your family members in about 2009. The more addresses your family has in its pocket come the lottery, the better your chances of scoring.

At any rate, the ticket lotteries will likely only start in the nine months before the 2010 World Cup is born. But kudos for keeping your on the ball, Lara!