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Know Your SA Political Parties (part 1/5): the Freedom Front

On 1 March, South Africa will hold its local government elections, which will determine who will run our cities and towns for the next 5 years.

As is traditional in the run up to an election, lampposts across the nation have suddenly blossomed with a great profusion of campaign posters. SA Blog takes it upon itself to explain a different poster each day this week, lest visitors become edgy from all the manic smiling from moderate heights.

We start with the Freedom Front Plus, and its leader Pieter Mulder.

Party: Freedom Front Plus (FF+), or in Afrikaans, Vryheidsfront Plus (VF+)
Leader: Pieter Mulder, MP
Constituency: Afrikaners who got FF-pluses in high school.
Status: Bottom feeder
Election strategy: Denial
Prospects: Statistical insignificance

Extended analysis:
The slogan of the FF+ this year is “more than just opposition”, a masterstroke of overstatement. The fact that its direct opposite – “less than just opposition” – is far better tailored to the party’s profile only spurs admiration for right-wing Afrikaners’ ability to wallow in denial. The party has something like 1% of the vote, nationally, and despite Pieter “the Pipe Dreamer” Mulder’s efforts, there will be no Orange Revolution in SA this year.