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Know Your SA Political Parties (part 2/5): The Independent Democrats

On 1 March, South Africa will hold local government elections, which will determine who will run our cities and towns for the next 5 years.

Continuing our series on lamppost sloganeering, SA Blog invites you to meet the Independent Democrats.

Party: Independent Democrats (ID)
Leader: Patricia de Lille, MP
Constituency: Ex-ANC supporters previously overheard grumbling “I don’t know who to vote for anymore”.
Status: Pluto/Sun = ID/Reins of Power
Election strategy: Loud screeching
Prospects: Moving into the Neptune/Sun orbit, keeping in mind that half the time Neptune is farther away than Pluto.

Extended Analysis
Though she has a well-oiled publicity machine, former voice-of-the-PAC Patricia de Lille remains a featherweight, and her party has little substance beyond her own distinctive screeching. She is the sole woman leader among SA political parties, and is much-praised by her many women followers as a politician of great integrity. She has often been accused of running things by diktat, however, and, worst of all, her mayoral candidate for Cape Town (who manages two hotels at the V&A Waterfront) badly needs a makeover.