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Link Love: Simon’s World Cup Blog (And Bob’s!)

You may be the type who spent the last year in a high-altitude ashram pointing your thoughts to even more rarified elevations; in which case you might also be the type who doesn’t know that South Africa will host the FIFA World Cup in 2010. (In which case, you might further be the type who suddenly has a great excuse to drop everything and guzzle champagne, right here and now.)

There’s already so much on the Web related to the 2010 Cup that Google won’t let you search for it. Instead, it says your query is Verboten! (It’s a Google trees-for-the-forest thing.)

However, for news on the coming Cup from a local perspective, you can always visit Simon’s site, which is relatively well-sussed and will no doubt gather steam as the years whizz by. Who is Simon? We don’t know exactly – all we can say for sure is that he’s from Durban, and that’s he’s in the SA Blogosphere for the right reason, enthusiastic commitment to his particular topic, futbol!!!. We wouldn’t mind seen a bit more posting, though, Simon!

Of course, SA Blog can’t mention the World Cup without also linking its cousin-blog, written by the inimitable Bob Kellett, at Bob is gearing up for Germany 2006, and he and his site are damned good. Sports fans, click over to Bob for football fixins with all the trimmins.