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Link Love: Someamongus

In honor of Thabo Mbeki’s State of the Nation Address later today, SA Blog introduces readers to Someamongus.

Someamongus keeps an astute, if slighty grumpy blog on a range of subjects South African – especially SA politics – but his particular specialty is our president.

The blogger’s name (I’m guessing it’s a he), which sounds like a newly-discovered dinosaur, derives from the presdent’s habitual, quasi-cryptic references to some among us South Africans: those who, in Mbeki’s eyes, prevent progress and transformation through nefarious means, especiaily griping.

It occurs to SA Blog that some among us is ungrammatical in many situations, such as the one above, and we suggest adopting the back-up identity Someamongwe, which also sounds nicely African.

Someamongus will no doubt have a few things to say after Mbeki’s address – check in with him periodically.