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One Further Day’s Grace for Ghana

According to reports, the entire Ghanaian World Cup team has been holed up in its hotel since the nation’s historic win over the USA last Thursday, having retained various African traditional healers to help them channel a host of world-beating spirits, ahead of their DVG clash with Brazil tomorrow.

DVG, for those not in the know, is soccer parlance for “Damn, brazil’s Very Good”, “Damn, africa’s hopes of advancing look Very Grim indeed” and, of course, “David V. blooming Goliath”. Take your pick, really.

SA Logue will be watching the match with a feverish sense of confilct. One never likes to root against Brazil – let’s face it, they help make the tournament what it is, and are a glorious football side – but one must STO(AS)G, too, and, well, where does sticking to one’s (Africa-supporting) guns leave one?
Seeking a new team to support, after Tuesday, one suspects.

Go Black Stars!