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Playing Football With the English Language: “Costume”, “Swimsuit”

SA Loguers Ben and Trekker – respectively, an American in SA, and a South African in the US – are kicking the English language around.

Keeping with the theme of seasonal wardrobes, summer’s arrived here in the Northern Hemisphere and my friends and I are planning a trip to the coast. This, of course, requires an update of my beach wear.

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Strolling into the local department store I ask a clerk, “Excuse me, but where are your costumes?”

The conversation follows like this:

“Ummm, we only get those in September”

“September? But that’s moving into fall!!!!!”

“Well, Ma’am, Halloween is only at the end of October!”

“Halloween! Oh you think… no I am looking for swimming costumes, you know like bikinis and such”

“Oh! Why didn’t you say so? Those are over there next to the beach towels.”

I head that way with a very confused and rather bemused clerk looking on.

I have had this happen so many times, you would think I would remember to call them swimsuits by now.

Oh well, maybe I’ll remember after another 10 years here in the States!

Over to you Ben!

Till next time, keep trekkin’