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Positively South African and disinformation overload.

South Africans are fast developing a reputation of being fear mongers, nay sayers and downright miserable toads.

The local media is jammed with negativity, with very little space spared for the good things that are happening here, and there are plenty.

Dopezyn from the BnA South Africa forum sent me a website that a friend of hers, Warwick started called, he also has a mailing list to which he sends out the “good news”.

Another site that does a great job of counterbalancing the flood of doom is

This is not just a local phenomenon, international site is gaining popularity as a disseminator of only positive news.

So you perhaps your a traitor South African abroad and would like to know that your beloved country is not burning to the ground, you have some alternative places to get news. Below are some exerpts from Warwick’s mailing list.

Acid test for Team Shosholoza

Three years of preparation comes to a head this week for Team Shosholoza, Africa’s first entrant in the America’s Cup, as they enter the final competition that will see 11 challengers whittled down to one yacht to tackle defender Alinghi for sailing’s most prestigious crown.

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Shosholoza beat America’s Cup defender in 1st race

South Africa’s Team Shosholoza astounded the crowds with a brilliant second place – ahead of the America’s Cup defender Alinghi – in the first race of the Louis Vuitton Act 13 fleet racing regatta yesterday which marks the beginning of the final and decisive rounds of the 2007 America’s Cup.

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SA creates more jobs, better jobs

South Africa’s economy is creating more jobs, and jobs of higher quality, than ever before, according to Statistics SA’s latest labour force survey, which shows both a modest decline in unemployment in the year to September 2006 as well as a number of encouraging longer-term trends.

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South Africa rides tourism wave

Almost 8.4-million tourists visited South Africa in 2006 – over a million more than in 2005, representing a 13.6% increase – as the country broke its annual tourist arrivals record for the second year running.

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Action Stations, if you please

The JSE burst through 28 000 last week. Ongoing global support could keep reinforcing such brisk momentum. Business confidence remains high, according to the RMB/BER business confidence index. With manufacturing confidence having upward potential, overall business confidence could remain near 80% in coming quarters.

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Companies boost SA’s coffers

A growing sense of “South Africanism” among the country’s companies – combined with healthy corporate profits – boosted their contribution to SA’s tax base from 10% in 1994 to 24% of the total of R493-billion collected by the SA Revenue Service in 2006/07.

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Proudly SA investing pays off

Investing in South African equities is “a paying proposition by a huge margin,” says a local unit trust marketer, but South Africans seem to be missing the boat.

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Outgoing FIFA head sings SA’s praises

Outgoing head of the FIFA office in South Africa, Australian Michael Palmer, leaves our shores with “only positive things to say” about South Africa and its readiness for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Speaking at a media briefing by the board of the 2010 FIFA World Cup organising committee at the newly built SAFA House yesterday, he stated that he will leave here saying that the World Cup is in good hands in South Africa.

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