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South Africans Just Three Days from Four B.(W.)C.

As thousands of South Africans prepare to temporarily emigrate to Germany, the rest of the country waits with bated breath for the massive New Year’s celebrations to be held this Friday.

For, by official presidential decree, June 9th, 2006 will henceforth be known as the official start of 4 B.W.C. in South Africa. (That’s 4 Before World Cup, for those of you still struggling with this admittedly tricky date formulation.) As I write, various stone tablets are being laid out for the requisite hieroglyphic carvings, and no less than a half-dozen temples await their dedications, for which six score pure white bullocks have been requisitioned.

SA Logue would like to wish the team at the best of luck this Friday – enjoy the show, we’ll be enjoying it right along with you!

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