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Top Spirit Medium Finds Self in South Africa

This country is positively crawling with yanks, a large percentage of whom pursue unusual, creative, even downright outlandish careers to keep themselves in shelter. Such as, ahem, writing a travel blog.

In this regard, Shannon Walbran is no different from the rest of us. She’s just another hardy Midwesterner who blew to a foreign shore, liked the place, and started clearing brush with a plainswoman’s usual industry.

In other respects, however, Ms. Walbran stands somewhat apart. For instance, she’s a practicing Catholic who sits for Vipassana meditiation every day. And – oh yes – she hears the voices of guardian angels, who tell her things about the people they’re watching over.

Ms. Walbran is a aurally-triggered medium (that is, when she hears your voice, another voice is instantly channeled to her, giving advice about your situation) of growing renown in South Africa. As anyone who has heard her give readings over the radio will know, she’s even quicker on the draw than John Edward (of Crossing Over fame): she blurts out the things she hears without even a second’s hesitation, and with the same force of conviction of a Republican telling you the Earth’s not getting warmer. She’s a natural.

Your Correspondent wonders, though, just how long she’s made South Africa her home. It seems the angels who speak to her haven’t yet accustomed themselves to local lingo. A first-world upbringing becomes evident in pieces of advice like “your daughter needs to go for Brain Gym,” and “you need to have a closet swap.” Whoah there, Shannon! These are not relevant cultural terms here. In their place, SA Blog recommends “a working holiday in the UK” and “bring-n-braai,” respectively.

For those who need a second opinion on the direction they’re taking their lives, a reading with Shannon doubtless can’t hurt. Learn more about this interesting yank and her unique niche in SA by visiting