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Welcome back SA Logue!

Greetings all, from Philip Bartholomew your new editor of SA-logue!.

I have been handed the task of attempting to fill Mr. Ben Williams’ gargantuan boots (size, a zillion). Also I wish to encourage, coax and downright harass you into hopping on a plane, to see this, Gods most favored part of the world.

Why me?: I have lived in Cape Town for 15 years, although they were interspersed by 15 years traveling (and sometimes just living) elsewhere in the world. I spent my “formative” (read troublemaking) years here in Cape Town and traveled rather extensively locally and internationally, so I hope to offer an insightful peek to curious travelers. Plus I’m nice.

What makes you tick?: (I get asked this all the time:) Traveling is obviously a given, all things Internet. Water sports: you just can’t live in Cape Town without getting bitten by at least one watery bug. My present affliction is Kite surfing, which no matter what anyone says, is the most fun you can have in the water. Last , but not least, lest I get beaten, is my gorgeous wife Sarah and edible daughter Talulah, of whom you will be hearing much of also.

Whattcha gonna do? I will attempt to take the grunt work out of finding the best way for you to enjoy South Africa, by keeping you current and informed. Like a conduit of sorts. Best deals, best places, best food! Plus I will be commenting daily on life in the Mother City and news and issues affecting South Africa.

I start officially on 1st Dec, so this is me getting used to the interface etc, but if there is any info you need that can be obtained legally, drop me a line.


Ed (Philip)