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Beyerskloof Pinotage (2005): Wine Review

2005 Beyerskloof Pinotage
Where found?: Pick n’ Pay

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How much? R36
Drunk with? Dinner; spicy vegetable soup.
Did it suit? Quite well
Value for money? Yes
SA Blog recommends? For a romantic table for two

Tasting notes
Despite its medium-rent price, Beyerskloof Pinotage drinks quite high-rent indeed – as high-rent, some might argue, as it gets when it comes to the unsteady pleasures of Pinotage.

Pick it up just about anywhere, and slurp it down with just about anything. To impress your friends, mention in an offhand manner that this is the vin de table of famed Stellenbosch winemaker Beyers Truter, whos is also the custodian of the infinitely more expensive Kanonkop label.