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Chocolate Block Bordeaux (2004): Wine Review

2004 Chocolate Block Bordeaux
Where found?: Wine Concepts, Kloof St., Cape Town | Map

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How much? R170
Drunk with? Dinner; Thai – sizzling wok beef.
Did it suit? Quite well.
Value for money? Not really – it ain’t cheap – but it’s worth the expense!
SA Blog recommends? For a very special occasion – such as a 30th birthday.

Tasting notes
The Chocolate Block is the much-sought-after vin de table of the Boekenhoutskloof estate in Franschoek. The estate’s signature wine, a Syrah, is nearly impossible to come by – and this is a splendid second-best.

Our bottle needed a good decanting to show off its full quality. Once you start sipping, notice the thick viscosity – Boekenhoutskloof wines have the best legs in the business. The taste is quite complex, and the tongue needs a bit of time to puzzle out what its trying to say, but once you get a feel for the wine’s bitter and sweet qualities you’ll probably catch yourself murmurring “pure chocolate…”