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Fokol Dry Red Plonk (Mystery Year): Wine Review

Mystery Year Fokol Dry Red Plonk
Where found? Midmar Liquors, Strand St. (cnr. Buitengracht), Cape Town | Map

How much? R20
Drunk with? Dinner; roast chicken
Did it suit? This is not exactly the Versace of wines, so no.
Value for money? If you’re buying it as a novelty!
SA Blog recommends? Vir fokol, natuurlike.

Tasting notes
This bottle belongs to the “look what the cat dragged in” category. Actually, my Lovely Assistant dragged it in, because of its irresistible lable – which would be unpublishable in this family blog if it were in English. The word “fokol” has been much in Cape Town’s sweet air of late, because of Koos Kombuis’s serenade to the city’s electricity providers, who have gotten into the habit of providing exactly that.

The wine looks like cherry juice diluted with water, but tastes surprisingly reasonable – that is, expectations upon uncorking were at the “rotten spirit vinegar” level, and the wine beat them – and the fact that you’re drinking “fokol” certainly lifts the spirits a bit. In short, this bottle represents full value for its novelty. Buy it for your South African friends, and watch their eyes pop out.

Estate notes
Vir jare al is ons vriendskap fokol werd. Deur dik en dun het jy my met fokol bygestaan, gehelp met fokol, en oor fokol gepraat, daarom kon ons fokol bereik. (From the label, ©1998 Fokol Droe Rooi.)