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Pinehurst Pinotage (2004): Wine Review

2004 Pinehurst Pinotage
Where found? Moreson, Franschhoek
How much? R39

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Drunk with? Lunch; An assortment of delectable homemade curries.
Did it suit? Quite well
Value for money? Yes
SA Blog recommends? For (somewhat pricey) fun with friends.

Tasting notes
Pinehurst is the Moreson estate’s vin de table range, and, as table-wine pinotages go, this one is a bit expensive. But the quality of the grapes – which derive only from the estate’s boutique-sized vineyards – shines through. The classic pinotage pluses – candy-like fruitiness and fine-grit mouthfeel – are there without the classic minuses – cough mixture sweetness, most notably – and the wine makes a great fit for a spicy meal.