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Piscine View: A Brace of Cape Salmon!

Spotted! A Brace of Cape Salmon
Where from? Somewhere southeast of Cape Point, probably.
Loving SA yet? No!
Why not? Because we ended up on the cold, hard concrete of Kalk Bay harbour, obviously!

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Highlight so far? Making it to the size we did.
Sore points? Being auctioned off at R60/head for someone’s fish braai.

Cape Salmon Notes
Cape salmon (Atractoscion aequidens) is more appropriately known as “geelbek” (pronounced “HEEL-bek” – Afrikaans for “yellow mouth”), and has nothing to do with Norwegian or North American salmon. It’s commonly found as a linefish on the menus of many South African seafood restaurants, and has firm flesh – which, however, unlike yellowtail or kinglip tends to dry out in the pan.

Although cape salmon counts as a legitimate catch on most sport fishing outings, it’s considered something of a “consolation prize”.