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Rupert & Rothschild Baron Edmund Bordeaux (2000): Wine Review

2000 Rupert & Rothschild Baron Edmund Bordeaux
Where found?: Gift!
How much? Well over R150, I’d guess.

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Drunk with? Dinner – can’t remember the details; wine dominated the whole evening.
Did it suit? In as much as I swooned while drinking the wine, yes.
Value for money? At this level, the term “value” breaks down a bit. Tasting this wine certainly added value to my life; but it’s monetary value is equivalent to four or five very sturdy reds in most supermarkets.
SA Blog recommends? As a gift for a wine lover.

Tasting notes
This, I’d hazard, is one of the best bottles of wine ever uncorked in SA Logue’s vicinity. With names like “Rupert” (SA billionaire – see our obit) and “Rothschild” (do I really need to explain who the Rothschilds are?) on the label, it was bound to be something special. Pure purple velvet sums it up. Magnifique.