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Support Humane Farming with SA’s Kind Food Guide

There’s a new resource in South Africa for those who look to “buy ethically” when shopping for household basics like eggs and milk: the Kind Food Guide, a publication from the SA branch of Compassion in World Farming.

CIWF works to encourage the humane treatment of farm animals – in contrast to the mechanical processes they are subjected to in industrialized food factories. Battery chickens are the organisation’s cause célèbre, but it also highlights – and helps change – the plight of cattle, sheep, ostriches and swine caught in the grip of the world’s mania for cheap meat.

The CIWF guide (reproduced here in low-res: you can read it if you squint! – or see below for contact info) points out that certain “kind food” products, like barn eggs, free-range chickens and hormone-free milk, are readily available in SA – though not as readily as in developed countries – but that progress on the compassionate treatment of SA’s pigs, for instance, has been slow going. The guide also mentions stores, like Woolworths and Pick ‘n Pay, where you can find “kind food”.