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Usana Cabernet Sauvignon (2004): Wine Review

Where found? Vino Pronto
42 Orange St., Gardens
Cape Town | Map

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How much? R58
Drunk with? Dinner; spicy fish curry.
Did it suit? Quite well
Value for money? Yes
SA Blog recommends? For a romantic table for two

Tasting notes
Wow! One is normally used to uncorking garagiste wine with a clothespin handy – for who knows what offensive smells and underdeveloped tastes might lie inside the bottle? That said, when it comes to wine, the allure of a good find often proves too tempting, and one often finds onself returning once more to the high-stakes lottery that is homemade fermented grape juice.

The Usana Cab is a winner in this lottery – a R60 bottle that drinks like an R80 one. It’s full-bodied, has hints of aniseed, and has been made with elegant drinking tonight in mind. (It’s not meant for a long, cool exile in the cellar.) Goes great with spicy food – it’s the perfect bottle to take to a fancy Asian or Indian restaurant, the more so because it’s guaranteed not to be on the winelist!

“Garage” notes
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