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Free State Stadium Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein is the capital of the Orange Fee State province of South Africa and is situated in the heartland between Cape Town and Gauteng and will be one of the secondary venues of the FIFA 2010 World Cup Soccer Tournament. Freestate Stadium is an upgraded facility traditionally used to host the region principal sport of rugby.

The Stadium

Free State Stadium is an upgrade of the old facility, with an extra tier added to accommodate the crowds expected for the tournament. This has increased the projected seating capacity of the stadium from 36 000 to 48 000 along with many other structural upgrades to bring it into line with match requirements. The stadium will be hosting first and second round matches.

The facility is situated close to downtown Bloemfontein in the Kingspark district adjacent to the Zoological Gardens. It is close to the major road systems and enjoys a reasonably convenient access.

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