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Back from the Kruger: 1st batch of photo’s

Back in sunny Cape Town after a glorious 2 weeks in the bush. It feels more like a month!
I have got long distance driving out of my system for a while now and would definitely do the train if I had to go back right now. The drive back felt very long and 2 Red Bulls and a gallon of coffee had no noticeable effect on the pixies I was seeing on the roadside.


Another wholly irresponsible technique to keeping alert while driving is hold your breath until a surge of adrenaline refreshes all your vital systems. I can’t remember where I heard this, but it does work if for nothing else than keeping yourself entertained.

Driving through the Karoo in daylight is a wonderful sight and you try to imagine this wasteland a few hundred years ago when there was large stocks of game here.

My eyes are still in “tracker mode” hunting my peripheral vision for outlines of game and I keep honing in on butterflies and cats. Lucky for them I don’t carry a piece.

Check out the first batch of photo’s on Flickr.