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God’s Window and Bourke’s luck pot holes.

A trip to the area would not be complete without a peek at Gods Window and Bourke’s luck Potholes.

The viewpoint called God’s Window looks from the highveld down and over the expanse of the lowveld and is not to be missed. I can only compare it to the majesty of the Grand Canyon although not quite as jaw dropping it comes a close second in the view department. In my opinion the higher viewpoint called “Wonder view” is better than the one from God’s Window and is less crowded and with no tour buses. The height makes you immediately think of jumping off with hang-glider, but alas there are signs deterring this. Like the canyon you can’t get the gist of it on film so just soak it up while you can.

The potholes are a rock formation caused by the grinding of water and small stones on the soft limestone rock. This forms large holes cut from the side of the canyon which look like oversized spa baths. They have built a great system of bridges to see the falls and holes, and even has wheelchair access. The Blyde river canyon (3rd largest in the world) itself is incredibly beautiful and I would love to go down it on a kayak. It has steep walls and very inviting brackish water with teasing trout flashing silver, begging me to catch them. The Blyde river canyon deserves a week on its own at least to get the most of it and I hope to get back here soonest.

On the way from Hazyview to Gods Window you will pass a small town called Graskop which was a group of houses and a shop until recently. It has now become a bastion of style in the Wilderness, with chic curio boutiques and galleries. The famous Harries pancake house has spawned at least 4 more pancake houses, that I saw, in the immediate area. There is also a very unusual folly house in the form of a castle that no doubt some strange Bavarian has built, I will post a picture of it when I have sorted out all my photo’s.