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Impressions of the Kruger

It’s tough to get back in to work after being on holiday and I am already planning to escape to Madagascar or thereabouts.

My impressions of the Kruger park have changed somewhat for the better. The facilities are greatly improved and have a “swish” factor that for sure did not exist 5 years ago. Also the whole surrounding area has gone through a major revamp and the towns of Nelspruit, White River and Hazyview are almost unrecognisable. Real coffee from a real espresso machine was obtainable from all of the larger rest camps within the park, in times gone by this would be referred to as a “Cup of Chino” do you mean coffee wiff cream? No, it’s all very civilised now.

Judging by the animal census, the wildlife are doing better than ever, seemingly unperturbed by the increased traffic. Luckily we saw none of the traffic that I have been hearing about. Apparently over Dec-Jan the volume of cars in the Kruger was terrible and they stopped entry after 09:00 or 10:00 in the morning on some days due to crowding. In a park the size of Wales!! a side note, please remember not to speed in the park, because they do trap!

I would be interested in hearing from anyone at the Kruger over Dec-Jan, to tell how bad the traffic gets. Being gridlocked would certainly damage any sense of isolation.