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Kruger Park safari time!

So there is definately a gap in the market for maintaining hotel/resort internet services. Both the Kruger Park Lodge and now Sabi River Sun, both have been down sporadically (when I need it). So I am writing this offline, and will just keep trying to find a working bush telegraph.

The drive up was surprisingly fast and relatively easy. I had estimated we would manage 100km/hour over the 1800km and that

was remarkably close and we arrived only 20 minutes past schedule. OK so I am an ETA nerd, but it keeps you alert and entertained without having to play i-spy with oneself. Although not entirely responsible, it was a good techinique to get the bulk of the driving over during the sleeping hours, we left at 11:00pm and I drove while the girls slept until around 07:00am. This was nearing Bloemfontein and I was starting to get delerious, the road was turning into a psycadelic scarf, so Sarah took over the driving for 4 hours, and I tried to sleep. I took over after that and we arrived while it was still light! great planning if you ask me. The road was good, but too many toll roads for my liking (about 5 I think) and 4 long roadworks delays through the Klein Karoo. The drive through the lowveld is just spectacular, driving rain, firy lightening and the roads are lined with pink trees and lush rolling hills.

The towns of Nelspruit, White River and Hazyview have grown tremendously since I was last here and look very clean, safe and organised. The area is teeming with Toyota Landcruisers kitted out for commercial game viewing and cars seem to be shuttling aroung keeping the obviously booming tourist economy going. The people here look very employed and engaged, no loitering and troublemaking when there are enough jobs.