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Sabie River Sun: Hazyview, Mapumalanga

We have now left the Kruger park lodge and are staying in the Sabi River Sun, a very lush and sweeping country club with a famous 18 hole golf course. (I don’t own any closed shoes so I don’t think they will let me play) our chalet in in the most picturesque setting on the banks of a huge hippo and croc filled lake on the edge of the course. The sounds of the hippos grunting is a nice reminder of where you are. The hippo’s are fenced in by a 1 foot high wooden beam and a single strand of electric wire… surely any self respecting 4 ton hippo could trounce that fence and be on our porch licketysplit. Seemingly they are happy wallowing in the water all day and at night sections of the fence are opened to allow the to go and feed by the banks of the Sabie, not sure why they would come back by morning, but they do. No satelite television out of the resort probably.

At the end of the lake there is a dam, and below a catchment pool brimming with fish!!!! I have brought my rod and “special bait mix” (custard powder, mustard powder and a few other secret additions), but alas I am told there is no fishing allowed. These fish are begging to be caught. I need to convince management here that this pond is overpopulated and needs some culling action fast. I will keep you posted. This “no fishing allowed” situation has been an ongoing saga for me internationally and has to end.