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Shingwedzi, Kruger National Park: Camp Review

SA Logue brings you the lowdown on the camps of the Kruger National Park. See our Kruger Camps tag for more.

Shingwedzi Camp

Where is it? On the banks of the Shingwedzi River, between Mopani and Punda Maria camps, in the vast northern plains that feature a heckuva lot of mopani shrub, which can be a nuisance when trying to spot animals. (Birdlife, on the other hand, is usually abundantly visible.)

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How large is it? Shingwedzi is a small camp, one of the most intimate in the park.

What price range? Medium.

What kind of facilities does it provide? Accommodation, night drives, bush walks, restaurant, shop, petrol station, pool, conference facilities.

Official website (map, pictures of the accommodation, booking, etc.): Shingwedzi Camp.

Camp notes: Shingwedzi is a pleasant camp, which has more of a rustic and outdoorsy feel to it than the nearby Mopani camp, and which boasts one of the lovliest drives in the park, the tree-lined trip along the S50 to the Kanniedood Dam and beyond. Game viewing is good only when relatively rare patches of grassland are reached – otherwise, expect to strain your eyes peering through the mopani shrubbery. This is a good place to put up for a night when driving north to Punda Maria.

What you might see getting and staying there: Elephant, buck alone or in small groups, interesting birds like the green pigeon, and, if you’re lucky (or stand by the park fence all night with your flashlight/torch), spotted hyena.