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World AIDS day 1st Decemeber, 2 lovely adverts

December 1st was World AIDS Day and no country needs to be more aware of this than South Africa.

To put you in the picture.

Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, our reverend health minister’s public disdain for Anti retroviral drugs and her promotion of beetroot, garlic and lemons instead, makes me worry a little.

Former deputy president and head South Africa’s national AIDS council and Moral Regeneration Movement, Jacob Zuma, caused havoc when during his rape trial he disclosed that he knew the girl was HIV positive, but he had a shower afterwards to prevent infection, going on to say that a healthy man was unlikely to catch HIV from a woman. Not a great leap forward.

To make light of our recent embarrassments on HIV/AIDS public policy, these two adverts for Pronto condoms really put a smile on my face.