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Search South Africa hostels with up-to-date availability and book a hostel in South Africa.

Hostel in South AfricaSouth Africa is a popular tourist destination on the African continent, and though for many years it was a playground of the rich and famous, budget travelers are now equally at home traveling through this fascinating country. And there is more good news – travelers on a budget have lots of choices when it comes to budget accommodations in South Africa.

The budget accommodation most people first think of is the hostel, and there are plenty of hostels in South Africa – perhaps not as many as you will find in Paris or London, but there are enough available in the big tourist cities that you will probably be able to find one that suits you.

Let us back up a moment to reassure those of you who are uncertain that the hostels of today are no longer just for young people or backpackers. Some South Africa hostels may have an age limit, and some may even have the words “youth hostel” in their name – but the vast majority will just be excellent places for budget travelers of any age to stay. Most hostels also provide both dorm-style rooms (which are always the cheapest) and a small selection of private rooms (some with private bathrooms) if you do not want to share a bedroom with 10 other people. Hostels in South Africa might be especially good choices if you are traveling alone and wish to meet up with other like-minded travelers for a bit of socialization.

Remember that not all South Africa hostels are going to be equal – the ones that are right in the middle of everything or that have the longest list of amenities will be the more expensive ones to stay in. The hostels which are further away from the city center or area attractions and which do not feature all kinds of free perks will usually cost less per night. Which type is right for you depends on how much you want to be in a certain part of the city or be assured of a certain amenity (like a free breakfast).

As mentioned, there are more than just hostels in South Africa for budget travelers to choose from. You may sometimes see the terms “guest house,” “backpackers” and “self-catering” – all these are indicators of budget beds. Guest houses are like B&Bs, but might cost a bit less. “Backpackers” is another term for hostels in certain parts of the world. Self-catering properties are simply those where you can cook your own meals – these are often apartments or the like, and can be an excellent deal if you are traveling as a group.

To start your search for the perfect South Africa hostel, put your travel information into the search engine on this page. The computer will then tell you which hostels have available beds on the nights you want to stay, so you will only have to read through the descriptions of hostels with vacancy.

Have a fantastic trip to South Africa, and if you need more information to help you plan the best holiday, read traveler’s stories about South Africa and keep up with daily life in this South Africa Travel Guide.

Here is a list of websites to help you book a hostel when visiting South Africa.