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Hotels in South Africa

Search South African hotels with up-to-date availability and book a hotel in South Africa.

Hotel in South AfricaWith South Africa straddling the 1st and 3rd worlds, we have a huge variety of accommodation options for travelers. From truly world class hotels to some less than humble offerings, that may struggle for that first star.

High Season

High season is September to April, and rates will be lower in winter June to August.

Prices and Locations

Hotels rates have been relentlessly catching up to our international counterparts, and in my mind are somewhat overpriced (i.e.: most locals couldn’t afford them), but people traveling with Pounds, Dollars or Euro will be more comfortable. That said Hotel accommodation in South Africa, is the most expensive of your options, and depending on your circumstances you may wish to consider a guest house, B&B, Hostel or Self Catering.

Right in the center of Cape Town (Western Cape), for a bed in a 4 star hotel expect to pay R 560 per night per person. For a bed in a 5 star Hotel in the Camps Bay area (Western Cape) expect to pay around R 1900 per night per person.

Most hotels in South Africa charge per-person, per-night, instead of per-room, a scheme which suits solo travelers, but does no favors for groups willing to put mattresses on floors (can’t imagine why). Keep this in mind when choosing your hotel.

A big factor to consider is location, and this will of course effect the price tag to the tune of nearly 50%, with the cheapest hotel room rates appearing further away from the city centre, and in Cape Town specifically in the North. The most $popular$ destinations in Cape Town are along the Atlantic Seaboard, encompassing Seapoint, Bantry Bay, Camps Bay and Clifton etc.

Transportation is an issue here so staying further out of town and with little or no public transport a rented car would be essential.


It’s highly important to book the hotel in advance if you travel to Cape Town, Durban or along the Garden Route, as well as other coastal resorts.

When booking online pay attention to the stars and whether you can find that information or not. The more facilities, the higher the category and the higher the prices will be. But you can also strike gold and end up paying almost nothing for a 5 start hotel room located in a not so touristy era. Thankfully, rooms can be booked using a credit card which lowers the costs and speeds the transaction.

I will be updating this page periodically with tid-bits and please don’t hesitate to ask about anything specific. Also please use the search facility on the main page for detailed reviews and information of interest.