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Joburg’s Gritty Beauty, as Uncovered by the New York Times

SA Logue is firmly of the opinion that Johannesburg is worth a stop on any tourist’s South African itinerary. It’s the continent’s southern powerhouse of arts and culture, and a few nights out in its sophisticated environs – not to mention a day trip to Soweto – usually results in new appreciation and understanding for South Africa’s ongoing development as a democracy. You can’t say you know this country until you’ve been to Jozi.

People seem to be catching on to Joburg’s unique delights, too – like Michael Wines of the New York Times (will some reader complete the limerick, please), who gushed about it in Sunday’s paper:

On Mr. Wines’ Joburg “to be noted” list are the Apartheid Museum near Gold Reef City, the Goodman Gallery in funky, trendy Melville, the “Italianate” A Room With A View Guest House around the corner, Moyo restaurant in Sandton (afroposh-as-afroposh-can-be), and, outside the hulking metropolis, the Cradle of Humankind, a series of caves that are home to the world’s oldest-known hominid bones. These are all pretty good choices, and SA Logue is happy to add its recommendations to Mr. Wines.

(Find and complete that last one, while you’re at it – and win a prize!)