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Shopping: Willowbridge mall, Tygervalley

In the last 10 years Cape Town has seen an explosion of retail areas, and shopping malls. I am not entirely sure where all these extra consumers are coming from, but it seems that business is thriving across the board.

The latest addition is Willowbridge, which is less of a mall and more of an enclosed shopping street. It houses some very upmarket stores and I am betting the rents are commensurate.

You can see a directory of the retailers here.

There are plenty of restaurants and coffee shops, with most of the usual suspects present ie: Vida e Cafe, Col’cacchio, Kauai. We had a marvelous pizza at Col’ Cacchio (which apparently translates as “up yours!”) in my opinion this small chain offers the best pizza in Cape Town, with the thinnest crust and highest quality ingredients. We also had to have another ice cream at Cafe Magnifico, even though they charge and extortionate R14 for a scoop, which is about twice what you would pay elsewhere.

Willowbridge is situated a stone throw away from the small city that is the Tygervalley shopping centre. The intention being seemingly to catch the overflow and offer a more upmarket, relaxed and exclusive crowd.

Tygervalley itself is about 30 mins from Cape Town city centre and not generally on the tourists agenda, however… “Hidden” close by are the beautiful Durbanville wine lands, which I was unaware of until quite recently, and is well worth a trip to the area, especially now that the wildflowers are blooming.