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Zorina’s Restaurant 172 Loop Street, Cape Town – Samoosa central

I am of the persuasion that words of foreign origin ought to be, or at least attempted to be pronounced correctly and not Anglicized, Americanized or contorted in general. Samoosas are no exception and by no accounts should be called samozas. With that out of the way, I would like to introduce you to the best Samoosas in Cape Town 🙂


Samoosas are somewhat of a staple in Cape Town and assume the role of what perhaps a snickers or donut might do for an American, between meals. They are a deep fried triangular pastry, stuffed with a mild curry; usually vegetable or mince. Once again you can find Samoosas everywhere, but they vary dramatically in quality from good, to decent, to deep fried ninja stars. The best of the best are to found at Zorinas Restaurant in Loop Street (#172), they are super crisp, ever so fresh and just darn good eatin’. Zorinas is a not-so-secret secret and does a roaring trade, and not just in Samoosas. Zorinas roti’s are an event in themselves and probably deserve a separate review altogether.

Zorinas is set away from the main drag and the other restaurants in the area. It has a very informal “corner shop” atmosphere, but you can tell it’s run with an iron fist. Through the kitchen door you can see all the curry minions churning and frying and rolling and stuffing in a very hygienic sweatshopesque environment. The phone ringing with orders, impatient office workers tapping the counter, waiting to french kiss their mutton roti.

Today I couldn’t resist and had 2 samoosas and a chilli bite (deep fried spicy gram flour dumpling) fantastic!.

  • Samoosas R1.80
  • Pies R6
  • Roti’s R15-R20
  • Chili Bites R1.50

Zorinas without a doubt makes the Best of Cape Town list, 5 stars!