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Lodges in South Africa

Lodge in South AfricaBy definition, a lodge is a small rustic house used as a temporary shelter. Staying true to the definition, it means that you’ll be spending your nights in rustic houses located right in the heart of the national parks or public reserves. However, most of the lodges aren’t exactly small; on the contrary: you will find really elegant ones.

Within the national parks there are a lot of accommodation options, including the privately owned lodges. The prices per night (or week) depend a lot on the facilities offered and on the location. If a lodge isn’t quite right for you, you can often stay at hotels located just outside the gates of many nature reserves and national parks.

Eastern Cape

Eastern Cape is home to Addo National Park and Port Elisabeth town. While visiting the park, you can stay in one of the accommodations offered by the park but you can also choose a private lodge.

Expect to pay 3200 ZAR per night per double room in a luxury lodge located within the park.

Free State

Free State is the province where one of the capital cities, Bloemfontein, is located. Expect to pay 350 ZAR per night per double room in an elegant lodge located in the capital city.


In Gauteng province you can visit Pretoria. Expect to pay 445 ZAR per night per double room, located right in the center of the city.


In Kwazulu-natal province expect to pay 400 ZAR per night per double room in a an elegant lodge located right near the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park.


The Limpopo province is the perfect place to explore both magnificent locations and interesting landmarks. Expect to pay 1600ZAR per night per double room, full board and game drive included. The lodge is located in the Waterberg Mountains, at about 1.5 hours drive from Pretoria.


Two of the main attractions in Mpumalanga region are Gauteng and Johannesburg, while the star of the province is undoubtedly the Kruger National Park

If you want to stay right on the banks of the Crocodile River and have great views of the Kruger Park, a double room in a game lodge costs 400 ZAR per night.

North West

The North West province is home to Pilanesberg Game Reserve, a private game reserve, excellent for experiencing the wildlife. Also, the province is known for its glamour.

If you want to stay in the reserve, expect to pay 1875 ZAR per night per double room in a luxury lodge.

Northern Cape

The Northern Cape province is home to a lot of reserves, including Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. The province is also home to Augrabies Falls National Park, where you can find a marvelous waterfall.

Right on the road which leads to Kgalagadi Park and Augrabies Falls, you can stay in a luxury lodge for 480 per double room per night.

Western Cape

Western Cape Province is home to Cape Town and a lot of wonderful beaches. In a lovely location in Karoo you can stay in a luxury lodge for 340 ZAR per night per double room.

Note: prices are published as guides, in good faith but a subject to change.