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Southafricalogue back in South Africa.

Well its very nice to back. Although it is not nearly as hot here as in Mozambique, the humidity was getting painful and although the caipirinhas help, two weeks is not enough for the blood to start thinning. The trip back was fairly straightforward. We drove from Maputo to the border at Komatiepoort and then on to Jo-burg on very good roads. I was dreading the border a little because I had seen the queues on our way in, but it was not a problem and we were through in under an hour.

The drive from Komatiepoort to Jo-burg is one of the most scenic in the Lowveld and we took lots of photos. I managed to get nasty earache from keeping the window open the entire way. We stopped off for lunch at SiveSetfu Lodge, which is halfway between Nelspruit and the Sodwala caves. It was entirely empty, but the food was excellent and they let us cool off in the swimming pool after lunch. We came very close to spending the evening there as we were so comfortable. The trip should take around 6 hours door to door, but it took us 12 hehe. We then overnighted in Hyde Park Johannesburg and flew back in the morning. I will get some more pictures up soon.