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Brian Habana (SA Rugby star) races a cheetah for charity.

Brian Habana, South Africa’s fast running (11sec for 100m) sweetheart of Rugby, recently raced a cheetah for charity, you can see the video on CNN.

They had to bring in a Hollywood stunt team to stage the event, and posted animal wranglers armed with tranq guns, all along the course to prevent the cheetah nibbling on Habana’s throat.


They used a leg of lamb tied to a teddy bear, to make the cheetah run and distract from Habana’s ankles.

Cheetahs can hit 70 mph and do 0-60 in 3 sec, so it was no surprise the cheetah won, but it wasn’t a whitewash. (Brian had a 30m head start)

The charity is for cheetah awareness, hoping to prevent the seemingly inevitable extinction of this glorious animal. Cheetah’s are highly inbred and have virtually no genetic diversity. A huge amount of management is required to keep it in existence. Read here.

See the video here.