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South African webcams: With streaming psychotic crickets has been running for a long time in web-years, over 8 to be precise, back when mice were real mice. I remember living in freezing London gazing longingly at the web cam images of the Nkorho pan watering hole, hoping to catch an insomniac elephant. The Nkorho camera now has streaming sound! and I think that either the mic is bust or they have pointed it into a nest of angry manic crickets. none of the animals would sleep if they made this much racket. The camera has night vision, which makes for very compelling viewing, as I write this I just spotted a moth!

You do get the sense though that something very large will emerge from the water and eat the camera, or at least tell the crickets to shut the hell up.

There are a few other webcams that visitors may want to see: you can check the weather at Fish hoek beach, the impending cold front in Greenpoint or the morning mist on the vines in Stellenbosch. Better storyline than a soap opera and no adverts!

See them here