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Tulbagh Restaurant Review: Plum

(An SA Blog Beta post from Your Correspondent)

This post is an extension of the Tulbagh 6-Part Serial Adventure! (3/6).

Restaurant Review: Plum

10 Church St., Tulbagh
+27 (0) 23 230-8005
Breakfast and Lunch only.

Of all the things I expected to eat in Tulbagh, two large pork frankfurters were rather low on the list. But, having arrived at Plum after a morning of wine-tasting (see tomorrow’s Tulbagh blog), I was in need of ballast, and the word “frankfurter” stood out somehow. My lovely assistant also leaned toward heavy rather than light, ordering the chicken schnitzel.

The schnitzel was decent, .5 out of 1, but the frankfurters were a revelation. Long and plump, and properly crackled on the outside, their strong, smokey flavor positively lifted me out of the valley of Tulbagh and plopped me down in the valley of the Rhine. A definite 1 out of 1.

Score: 1.5 out of 2. You can’t ask much more from lunch.