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Tulbagh – The 6-Part Serial Adventure! (3/6: Restaurants)

(An SA Blog Beta post from Your Correspondent)

Part 3/6: Dining in Tulbagh

One of the best reasons to visit Tulbagh is that it’s something of a gastronome’s paradise. On Church St. alone, there are a half-dozen establishments catering to refined tastes.

Pub suppers at the Shamrock & Thistle on Main Road have already been mentioned (in Part 2 of this Adventure); and some of Tulbagh’s wine estates also have good restaurants (for instance, Rijks).

There is, however, a hierarchy to follow, and for the best breakfast, lunch and dinner, SA Blog recommends Paddagang, Plum and Reader’s, in that order. All are found in Church St., about 20 paces apart. Reader’s is particularly special: it easily makes the Western Cape Top Ten. I’ve reviewed it and Plum below: see the next two posts (onetwo) to whet your appetite!

The only place to avoid is Pielow’s, a restaurant attached to De Oude Herberg B&B, also in Church St. (and which, contrastingly, SA Blog recommends as a place to stay; Tulbagh’s coziness can produce strange marriages). A recent experience there yielded grimaces all round – and the plates of tepid, dry food in standard nouveau cuisine portions weren’t cheap, either.