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Waverley Hills Organic Shiraz (2004): Wine Review

2004 Waverley Hills Organic Shiraz
Where found?: Old Dalby Wine Shop, Voortrekker Road, Riebeek West | Map
How much? R70

Drunk with? Solo – a wine tasting.
How did it go down? Not too well, unfortunately.
Value for money? No
SA Blog recommends? Find another organic – Stellar, for instance.

Tasting notes
Admirable as the organic wine project at Waverley may be, neither the estate’s Shiraz nor its Cabernet impressed during a recent tasting. Both seemed too young – the flavors had not matured, and one caught a wiff of sourness about the wine – and, unfortunately, neither will benefit from aging, because of the vintages’ very low sulfite content. Perhaps what I tasted simply came from a bad bottle – but at R70 a pop, it’s too risky to try again.

Estate notes
Waverley Hills
Tel: +27 (0) 23 321 1060, Fax: +27 (0) 23 231 1977
The estate is located outside the Swartland town of Ceres.