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The Lion King comes home.

Finally after 10 years The Lion King is making its first appearance in Africa at the newly built “Teatro” at the Montecasino in Johannesburg

I am not a huge fan of Broadway musicale’s mainly because of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sarah Brightman, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching the The Lion King in London when it first opened. It is a real spectacle of a production, which did an impressive job of bringing the savannah to the west end and it made me pretty homesick at the time.

The first show is schedule for tonight 06/07/07 and so I have no review available yet, but I imagine it will be up to par or else there will be hell to pay. Tickets are from R150 ($20) to R425 ($50) which is at least half of what they are charging in London and elsewhere.

The Teatro at Montecasino, which will host The Lion King as its opening Broadway musical, is the only true lyric theatre in South Africa and is acoustically designed for large scale musical productions. It will accommodate 1 900 people at full capacity, making it the largest theatre in South Africa, and one of the 10 largest lyric theatres in the world. None of it seats are more than 33 Metres from the stage.