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Volunteer Africa – Explore New Worlds as You Teach Children

High education standards are often taken for granted in the west, but these are by no means universal, and certainly throughout sub-Saharan Africa a majority of children are denied either a basic or higher education thanks to poverty, a lack of skills and diminishing national resources. If you are between 18 and 50, and even if you have no particular experience or background in teaching, you can make a real difference in the lives of African children by volunteering your time and energy overseas.

Venture Travel in a Caring Environment

For the volunteer the advantage is a unique opportunity to get under the skin of a community, to learn the language, gain fluency in the culture and generally engage in a degree of social exchange that commercial tour options rarely make available. For the child the advantage is a helping hand on the long road to education and prosperity.

If you are a budding or retired educator, obviously yours would be the services and contribution most valuable, but for anybody with a will to contribute, and a desire to escape the canned, tourist inspired cultural displays of a package tour, this may well be the option for you.

Cross-Cultural Solutions is an international short program volunteer organisation offering placements all over the world. In Africa the programs are focused in Morocco, Ghana, Tanzania and South Africa, and although teaching on various levels forms the main outreach, a variety of health and social service projects also feature. Each of these countries touches a different aspect of African society, and in each an immense cultural diversity exists that offers unparalleled opportunity to teach and learn, and to take away from your journey as much as you give.

Add Smiles and Laughter

Be a mentor and role model to children and teach them the importance of education. Replenish your spirit by giving back to those less fortunate. Consider your own advantages, and the security that you have taken for granted, and the education that you have enjoyed, and then think about the millions of African children who have not.

Become a Cross-Cultural Solutions volunteer in Africa and take the opportunity explore Africa in a unique and intimate way. Live among the Africans and experience cultures and languages you would never have otherwise discovered. Make lifelong friendships and explore the adventure and excitement of volunteering abroad together. Volunteering will not only impact your life, but the lives of children in the developing countries of Africa.