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Travel Insurance for South Africa

Danger Hi-jackingMost travelers don’t consider travel insurance until they need it. Obviously it’s ideal not to have any problems during your vacation, but when things do go wrong it’s much harder to solve them abroad than if you were at home. Even if you have insurance at home, it might or might not cover the expenses while you are traveling.

Generally, travelers fall into two categories: those who never consider buying travel insurance and those who wouldn’t leave home without one. No matter what category you fall into, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at the types of travel insurances and the costs.

Types of travel insurance

Trip Protection Insurance/ Trip Cancellation Insurance

The trip protection insurance typically covers the non-refundable travel expenses in unexpected cases, such as airline strike, death, bankruptcy of the travel operator and many more. The insurance costs a small percentage if the overall trip cost, which is the amount of money you have pre-paid or are obliged to pay to a travel provider that might not get refunded in case the trip is canceled.

South Africa isn’t exactly the safest place to visit, the chances of a problem here might be slightly higher than they would be elsewhere.

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Travel Medical Insurance

Travel medical insurance covers the emergency medical expenses, including hospitalization and surgeries. Many Americans don’t have health insurance at home, let alone consider one when they travel abroad and even those who have one might not be covered abroad.

South Africa isn’t particularly dangerous but if you choose to do a lot of outdoor activities, you should consider travel medical insurance. Remember that the rangers in the national parks carry guns, which surely tells something about how dangerous the animals can be.

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Emergency Evacuation Insurance

If you plan any extreme activities on your South African vacation, you should definitely consider this kind of insurance. This type of insurance covers the costs for your emergency evacuation to an adequate medical facility / hospital near your home, if you became seriously ill or injured during your trip.

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Flight/Travel Accident Insurance

If something terrible happens to your flight (including terrorist event), this type of insurance protects you and your relatives. The airlines in South Africa have good safety records so that should give you some piece of mind.

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Annual Multi-Trip Insurance

This is the perfect insurance if you travel a lot. South Africa is a well known destination for RTW trips, so this type of insurance might be interesting for you.

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